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Racism without Racists: Colour-Blind Racism

I did a search and found Racism without Racists. In practice, Eduardo Bonilla-Silva sees race colour blindness different. He believes that race colour blindness is another form of racism: Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America Here’s his analysis: Four frames… Read More

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How Racist Are You?

I write this blog without explicitly putting into words what my ethnicity or race is. I also haven’t published what my gender or biological sex is. You can probably make a guess what my race and gender are by reading my personal experiences. Anyway, I… Read More

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Institutional Sexism

Institutional sexism historically and also presently in any society, across our planet Earth, was and still is often done by men towards women. The ethnicity of the woman probably was often an insignificant factor until European men explored and settled present day United States &… Read More

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Institutional Racism

Institutional racism historically in North America was often done by White or European colonists toward Indigenous and Black people. An example of institutional racism done by the White colonial Canadian government would be the residential schools and the federal laws that compelled and forced Indigenous… Read More

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Microaggression or Am I Projecting?

I’m surprised that students on university and college campuses in the 2010s, primarily in the United States, are actually demanding segregation. This would be segregated safe spaces. The administration of the universities and colleges have the firmness of a wet noodle, and always quickly agree… Read More

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Authoritarian Left

I suppose each person has bias or prejudice because each person is a human being. Human beings are prejudiced about one thing or another, or about a group of other people. Or humans prefer being tribal with others who look like them (the same race),… Read More