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Daily Stormer rejected again and lost hosting for

Nazis White Supremacist Andrew Anglin was whacked again.

Daily Stormer at was rejected. It lost hosting by Namecheap.

The latest registrar that Andrew Anglin switched to host his is now NameSilo LLC:

But is not viewable (but only right now on August 21st, 2017).

BitMitigate Nicholas Lim — who’s 20 & had wanted to market his new business to the world as a supporter of Nazis White Supremacy free speech despite many people understanding that Nazis are evil — could no longer take the pressure coming from most people. By most people I mean people who know that Nazis always use free speech as a tool, and then destroy free speech once in governmental power.

As well:

BitMitigate appears to be a subsidiary of another company called, which gets a link on Lim’s Twitter profile page. looks like a web and security consulting company, and according to Washington state business records, Orcatech LLC is registered to Chris Heiland of Kenmore, Washington.” – Geekwire

As usual — because the Tor network is the only option to fall back on — Nazis Andrew Anglin retreated to his onion website on the Tor network and did the following update:

Gab is the only social media website on the regular Web that will host the two discussion forums for the Daily Stormer:

Keep watching the Gab.

Of course sign up.

We’re watching | tracking | and whacking you, Andrew 😸.

**Post Script**

Andrew is on YouTube doing his Nazis version of reading Lord Byron’s poetry.

It’s time to contact Google.

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