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Zombie Daily Stormer: , part 2

ISNIC is doing something about the Neo Nazis White Supremacist Daily Stormer using Iceland’s “.is” top level domain that’s part of

According to

Andrew Anglin has also answered ISNIC’s request to provide legal proof of his personal identification ( which would be his home address …but actually isn’t ). 

Anglin did provide a legally legitimate address, but it’s only a Post Office box in Worthington, Ohio.

It’s time to contact ISNIC to update them that Andrew Anglin’s address for the Whois Data is actually only a P.O. box.

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Young Angry Men

Take an honest look at the Muslim men who join ISIS or who are the Daesh fighters: They are young adult men who are very angry.

Next take a look at the White men who turn themselves into White Supremacist Nationalists: They are young adult men who are very angry.


There is both an ISIS and a White Supremacist ISIS since angry men join either.

ISIS fighters feel their anger because of their hatred of Western culture. They see themselves disenfranchised by the display of Western culture through the Internet and by NATO’s & the United States’ foreign policy.

They also do violence with guns, and by kidnapping and making Northern Iraq Yazidi children and women their slaves.

Meanwhile, White Supremacist men feel their anger because of their hatred of Western culture. They also see themselves disenfranchised in the current culture because of feminism and multiculturalism.

They have done violence in the past (like through the actions of the KKK during the 1960s) and they can certainly again.

Both the men in ISIS and the White Supremacist men hate current Western culture.

Both types of men want to make themselves a government to dismantle the culture of each Western country.

Both want power: Both want to use this power to reconstruct the society they live in to become a society men like themselves should be entitled to.

Both want to establish their beliefs as the only appropriate culture.

However when they meet, both will hate each other because both of their ideologies are Supremacist!: Only one Supremacist ideology can be the culture.

Angry men who believe in a race-based or a religion-based Supremacy produce so much hate speech and violence.

How do we calm down angry men?

How do angry men calm themselves down?

Just giving them what they see themselves as entitled to won’t stop their hate speech and violence. They will only continue their hate speech and violence through either becoming a government, or through being deferred to.

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A bunch of things happened to

In the last few days, Gab began its own lawsuit against Google:

Gab will likely lose its antitrust ( or anti-monopoly ) civil suit against Google because Andrew Torba ( and his staff ) never moderate and delete posts from its social media that are racially hateful or a rant against Jews, Women, Gay people, Trans people, etc. 

Most of the talk on Gab is regularly hateful towards Jews, Black people, people with brown skin, Women, Gay people, Trans people, and the list goes on. 😂

Gab’s Andrew Torba only deletes a post when someone actually speaks with Gab’s domain registrar, and that registrar orders Gab to delete the content.

Ars Technica observes the same reasons why Gab will likely lose its civil suit:

Next, Instra Corp. ( Gab’s Domain Registrar ) has dropped its hosting of Gab. Gab will have to find another Registrar:

Gab’s creator, Andrew Torba, has also expelled or banned Weev from Gab.

Weev predictably posted that Jews are a problem. To White racists, Jews are always a problem, and Weev rants about them.

Weev, in all, muses that people who the Alt-right view as having power will only learn from violence done to them.

He includes mentioning Timothy McVeigh, who bombed a building, which had a daycare it in.

Here’s the original post from Weev:

Here’s Gab’s archive of Weev’s post:

Weev’s account on Gab now shows a 404 error message:

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Zombie Daily Stormer:

Sometimes the message “502 Bad Gateway” is met when you access the Daily Stormer at

Despite the browser you choose, the bad gateway message will sometimes be met:

The author, Andrew Anglin, of the Daily Stormer writes 90% to 95% trash, which is Neo Nazis ranting.

Anything Nazis is just evil.

Please don’t deny the Holocaust and also consider watching the original films of the liberated inmates of the WW2 Nazi concentration camps. Most of the inmates were skeletal corpses.

However, the 10% to a minimum of 5% of the Stormer’s content is an interesting read only because Andrew mentions the Juggalos:


Juggalos are either cool or just straightforward scary:


Clowns are scary like Pennywise from Stephen King’s “It”. Or the Joker from DC Comics.

But the clowns who were the “court jesters of medieval Europe were a sanctioned way for people under the feudal thumb to laugh at the guys in charge.” — Smithsonian Magazine

In all, I wouldn’t mess with a clown if that clown were a Juggalo. 😅

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Zombie Daily Stormer is back again as

Daily Stormer has returned to the surface Web as with Iceland’s “.is” top level domain.

However, the Daily Stormer will be subject to Iceland’s laws, which includes Article 233(a) in its penal code.

We will see how long the Registrar will host the despite the Daily Stormer being a Nazis White Supremacist website.

What to watch for would be if will remain hosted by an Icelandic Registrar despite Iceland’s Article 233(a), which bans both print published and online published hate speech toward anyone’s or a group’s race, nationality, skin colour, religion, sexual orientation & gender identity.

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Women dressing as men to be taken seriously

Penelope Gazin and Kate Dwyer, co-founders of Witchsy, had invented a male co-founder.


Both women “realized a month or so into starting their business that when they were themselves, many of the developers and artists they needed—men and women alike—were overly emotional, flaky and unprofessional, and didn’t take them seriously.” — Forbes

So “Keith Mann” was invented and went to work to represent Penelope and Kate.

However, women cross-dressing as men and portraying themselves as men isn’t new:

  1. Charlotte Brontë first published as Currie Bell.
  2. Kathrine Switzer signed up for the 1967 Boston Marathon using only her initials because women were not allowed to run.
  3. Joan of Arc fought the Hundred Years’ War dressed as a man.
  4. J.K. Rowling had used only her initials to write the Harry Potter series because she was told by her publisher that boys would be more responsive to a male author.
  5. William Shakespeare expanded his female characters’ range of action and expression of emotions by cross-dressing them as men in his plays of “As You Like It,” “Two Gentlemen of Verona,” “The Merchant of Venice,” and “Twelfth Night”.
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Pepe the frog

It’s interesting that Alt Right posters on at took a benign cartoon frog, Pepe, and made White Supremacist and Nazis memes out of him.

Pepe the frog got culturally appropriated by racist white guys from the original creator, Matt Furie, who’s actually a non-racist white guy.

At first, Matt Furie was amused and neutral about Neo Nazis and other Alt Right white guys making memes out of Pepe to make him a shareable image of White Nationalist statements and of straightforward racist hatred.

But then, the Alt Right white guys wouldn’t quit making White Supremacist memes out of Pepe. So Matt Furie changed his mind.

Matt Furie also got to work: He killed off Pepe.

He next fundraised on Kickstarter, and had started enforcing his copyright of Pepe the frog.

It seems that copyright could be the tool used to trouble and obfuscate the Alt Right white guys during their creation of racist memes.

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Andrew just can’t get his Nazis White Supremacist Daily Stormer to stay on the surface of the regular web. 🤣

Perhaps the Daily Stormer being a *Nazis* or a *White Supremacist National Socialist* website is the exact reason why Andrew can’t keep a domain name for the Daily Stormer on the regular Web. 😅

White men, and any guy of any race, should try to get beyond ethnic tribalism.

If not, then human beings will ALWAYS: 1st) Rant racist hate speech at each other, 2nd) provoke and anger each other with the ranted hate speech, and 3rd) next murder each other because their racist hate speech had inflamed each other to hate each other.

The Americans have their First Amendment, but the other human societies or countries don’t support absolute Free Speech. So Hate Speech laws likely are the majority phenomena and the US First Amendment is the minority force.

Or the Internet Registry ICANN, because it’s now managed by the U.N., will address a country’s Hate Speech laws first and the libertarian absolute interpretation of Free Speech second.

This is the reality Andrew Anglin and other White Supremacists will face each time they attempt to buy a domain name from a Registrar who is geographically based in the E.U., the U.K., or just simply not in the United States. However, Registrars like GoDaddy, who are based in the US, are also making decisions to no longer host Supremacist racist websites. This might indicate that the US Registrar is viewing any country’s Hate Speech laws with consideration equal to their legal support of their American First Amendment. Or maybe — because ICANN is no longer an American property — Domain Registrars are having to pay attention to any nation’s Hate Speech laws.

With all this said, we’ll have to watch what US Registrars will be doing in the upcoming months as their behaviour toward the angry Nazi and White Supremacist webzines and blogs.

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AI deep neural networks more accurate than a person at perceiving sexual orientation from a human face

Gay and transgender activists take issue with Artificial Intelligence being able to very accurately detect sexual orientation from its analysis of a man or woman’s facial morphology (like a nose) and from facial grooming (like hairstyle, plucked eyebrows).

Current AI is actually already better with judgement or observation of the physical environment than human beings are. Homo sapien humans, as they are right now, can’t evolve their own biological capacity of perception to perform at the same level as AI.

Humans would have to augment their biological selves with AI in order to attain equal ability of observation or perception.

AI is fascinating. 😊

The following by authors Michal Kosinski and Yilun Wang is worth checking out:

Next would be Michal Kosinski & Yilun Wang’s commentary about AI already being more accurate at perceiving sexual orientation from a human being’s face:

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Are White People all Racists?

Is the face of a racist really always White?

Peter Cvjetanovic at the August 2017 Charlottesville Unite the Right rally.

White Supremacists and Nazis are really showing up these days.

These racists number in the thousands.

Is the White person being an explicit Nazis really a good thing for the overall reputation of everyone who is White?

Are White People really a racist monolith?

That’s a shame if this is true.

People of colour would then always be right that the stereotypic racist is first a White Man, and second a White Woman.

White people being perceived as mostly being racist is actually not a good thing.

There are many more brown skin people on our planet Earth than pink skinned people who call themselves White.

In the upcoming decades, White Racists playing true to the stereotypic racist will be a bad thing for anyone who’s perceived as White by the larger number of human beings who are East Indian, Mainland Chinese, etc.

White Racists actually create obstacles for their beloved race of people in the 21st century world. This means problems of like “What brown skinned person would actually want to work with a White person whose peers are mostly racist?”.

I have never been racist.

I have worried about concepts like White Privilege, but have never turned myself into a White Racist.

I thought most White people had dropped being racist.

I must be wrong.

Oh well.