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Daily Stormer not only on the Dark Web: It’s found on the regular web at , part 2

Neo Nazis Andrew Anglin is now using Redis and Postgres to operate his Daily Stormer at on the regular Web.



The Registrar for is Namecheap.

I’m contacting all the above.

I’m also sharing the word that the above three are being complicit and haven’t yet deeply analysed their newest client, the Daily Stormer, and its Neo Nazis White Supremacist Racial Hatred content.

Time for the above three to vet the Daily Stormer.

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Daily Stormer not only on the Dark Web: It’s found on the regular web at

BitMitigate is currently allowing its ddos protection to be used by the Daily Stormer.

Neo Nazis Andrew Anglin is currently operating his Daily Stormer at

Email and contact BitMitigate to tell it that you will be spreading the word that BitMitigate is okay with permitting its service being used by Andrew Anglin for his Neo Nazi White Supremacist Daily Stormer.

I will not be patient with Neo Nazis. 

They are the worst of the most vile racist White Supremacists. 

I will never do any intellectual debating about whether Nazis must be granted “inclusion” and that their voice must be “accommodated” for their grievances to be heard and academically debated within Western societies. 

Nazis are evil. Human created evil.

I will debate White Privilege and reject its ideology. 

White Privilege is a racist idea towards any person who’s seen by other people as White. I know it is. I have personal experience of being targeted by racism from an Indigenous Canadian in a downtown Edmonton parking lot.

But I will not, for one second, include Nazis in my discussion of White Privilege.

Nazis do not deserve free speech as their tool to holler their *Hate* toward:

1) “fellow White people who aren’t racist toward all other people who aren’t European descended“,


2) that free speech must be used to yell and rant racial hatred.

Free Speech is always abused and obliterated by Nazis.

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White Supremacist Andrew Anglin with his Daily Stormer on Gab

I’ve been watching Andrew Anglin, and finally his whiny complaints of him being persecuted have pissed me off.

The guy is a jackass.

Andrew wrote an asshole condemnation toward a **dead** woman named Heather Heyer.

This whiny jerk, who I feel NO sympathy for, had written and published with full intention a diatribe calling Heather Heyer “fat” , “a childless woman of 32” and a “slut” who deserved to die.

With all seriousness, Andrew, only a wimpy beta male would drop his manners toward women and publish a whiny rant that a **dead** woman deserved to be dead because she was fat and childless.

Heather Heyer wasn’t fat.

As well, Andrew, you’re childless.

So what if you’re a beta male without kids?

You should call yourself useless to society because you don’t have kids.

But, Andrew, no woman would want to conceive and birth your biological children.

Just throw yourself into the dumpster already because you’re a childless beta male.

Your worth is still in question despite you being a beta male.

People, like me, don’t have empathy for a beta male who rants about a dead woman deserving to be dead because she was fat and childless.

Anyway, Andrew, people (myself included) are watching your every self-pitying update on Gab ( @AndrewAnglin , @weev ), and on wherever else:

Why should Andrew defend himself when he published a rant against a dead woman??? 

Heather Heyer was dead and couldn’t defend herself.

The Internet is not dead

Men like Jordan B. Peterson are listened to and not censored because they’re not a complaining White Supremacist Racist Beta Male like you, Andrew.

I believe in guys like Jordan Peterson.

James Damore also had better manners, and shouldn’t have been fired by Google.

Yes, Andrew, it’s certain that you’re an Asshole. The question is are you a “Useful Idiot”?

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Daily Stormer is operating at Gab. Is this banishment to the Dark Web? No, Gab is accessed by Google.

Honestly, the White Supremacist Daily Stormer is not completely banished to the unindexed Tor network on the “dark web”.

This would be at “dstormer6em3i4km.onion”.

The White Supremacist Andrew Anglin is operating the Daily Stormer on Gab, and he also bought stocks from Gab to make him a shareholder.


Also, fans of Daily Stormer have their own community forum on Gab:

@Amy_Siskind , what do you think about this?

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Daily Stormer on the Dark Web , part 3

Ever heard of

This browser has been the predominant referrer in my stats recently.

This is because of my posts about White Supremacist Andrew Anglin and his move to the Tor network.

The Daily Stormer has a new onion address on the “dark web“. The dark web would be the Tor network and similar networks that aren’t indexed by regular browsers.

I tested the duckduckgo browser to see if it would find and also show the onion webpage, dstormer6em3i4km.onion, for the Daily Stormer:

It didn’t.

This browser only creates a search without your device’s ID or geographic location being stored by‘s servers.

The below is an explanation from on how its servers create privacy for your device when you use the browser:

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Daily Stormer only found in the Deep Web?

Is Daily Stormer only restricted to the “deep” or “dark” web?

This would be at “dstormer6em3i4km.onion”.

The onion webpage is only hosted on the Tor network and can only be viewed with the Tor browser.

However, the *Answer is No*.

I investigated with Google Chrome, and behold!

Gab is indexed by Google:

Andrew Anglin is posting on the Gab social media very easily.

He also has a Gab forum for his supporters to communicate with each other:

Andrew Anglin is also posting on is also indexed by Google and other regular browsers:

Finally TRS, or, is reachable with regular browsers:

So who is going to contact Gab, & TRS?

@Amy_Siskind , the work of shooing the Daily Stormer off the regular Web isn’t done.

I’m saying this not sarcastically but as a serious statement of fact.

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Daily Stormer on the Dark Web , part 2

Where is the Daily Stormer?

Only with the Tor browser, or similar, you can find and view the Daily Stormer because GoDaddy, Google, Cloudflare, etc., refuse to host its website.

I used the Tor browser to click the links Andrew Anglin had listed at his “.onion” website for his supporters to find his Daily Stormer.

Daily Stormer is again rejected from the indexed Web:

AndrewAnglin on Gab:

*Cloudflare has again rejected the Daily Stormer.*

The Daily Stormer address:

Daily Stormer on TRS:

Daily Stormer on Hatreon:

There’s a Hatreon?

I prefer hate being seen on the indexed, regular Internet.

When the authors of hate are made to run and hide, their hate becomes unseen by most people.

Honestly, hate being hidden doesn’t make it defeated.

This is the point on which I disagree with Amy Siskind who first drove the Daily Stormer to operate on the unindexed “dark web”:

Yes, Amy Siskind chased the Daily Stormer out of her and our sight. But it’s still operating.

For those of us who prefer that most people see Hate Speech so as to teach what Hate Speech really is, I have to say that making the Daily Stormer hidden is a tactical error.

Honestly, the Daily Stormer is still at work. Why congratulate yourself with your effort of simply sweeping the Daily Stormer under the rug of the Internet?

Hate Speech has to be seen so as to teach all of us what Hate Speech actually looks likewhich isn’t the form of a Microaggression — and it must be seen so as to teach ourselves about the few weaknesses that we have.

An enemy can teach you a lot about yourself because the enemy does perceive your weaknesses. The enemy will always, in their Hate Speech, scream at you what your weaknesses are.

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Daily Stormer on the Dark Web

The Daily Stormer still exists.

It’s found on the Tor network through the Tor browser:


The Android app version of the Tor browser doesn’t permit screenshots. 

But I used my phone to take a photo of the Daily Stormer’s new webpage.

All that was really accomplished with forcing the Daily Stormer off the indexed Web was allowing the Daily Stormer secrecy.

Forcing the Daily Stormer to become unindexed is not a real victory.

The Daily Stormer only requires the Tor browser to be used to find it and to read its published hate speech.

I easily installed and used the Tor browser to find the Daily Stormer.

So, again, my big misgiving with driving the Daily Stormer underground into the unindexed “dark web” is that we have only made it unseen to regular browsers like Google Chrome. 

Being unindexed doesn’t make the Daily Stormer dead to you.

I believe the unindexed status will only give the Daily Stormer an edge. 

That edge will be the benefit of being hidden, unseen, but still working.

I would rather see Hate Speech on Google Chrome instead of pretending and self-congratulating that the Daily Stormer is dead to me because I can’t look it up with Google Chrome and with other regular browsers.

A hidden enemy doesn’t make it non-existent and, therefore, ineffective.

Isn’t an enemy working in secrecy more effective because of the advantage of not being seen?

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Catholics aren’t Christians — How is this true?

Tony Burgess wrote “Rambling about Catholics” , which is a worthwhile read.

To me, Roman Catholics are Christians.

I’m only going to guess from my own observation that whenever a Christian — who isn’t Catholic — states that “Catholics aren’t Christians” this Christian is only stating a “Protestant” evaluation of Catholicism or a mistrust of the Catholic version of Christianity.

I’ve talked with many Christians of Catholic, Protestant and Orthodox denominations because I was seeking out and attending different churches.

Honestly, the only true Christian in 21st century countries is the one who doesn’t get into these fussy and petty theological debates.

Or I mean that a useful Christian in any society today is the one who actually represents their Christian church as a group of people who do charity, who also genuinely get along, and who try to avoid fights with any other religion.

It’s my personal opinion that doing theological debates that lead to alienation and fights between Christians actually are debates that damage the reputation of Christianity.

Christianity gets its good name smeared to those people who aren’t Christians when these people always only see the Christians of different denominations getting into petty arguments over the mother of Jesus, and so on.

So the schisms between Christians because of theology alienate potential people who aren’t Christians.

In all, Roman Catholics are Christians.

The priests of various individual Catholic churches who abused the parishioners’ children aren’t Christian, and have to go to prison for doing those abuses.